How to Make Ramadan Greeting Cards

Holy month of Ramadan is the special month for Moslem. Every Moslem in the world is looking forward for this special month. And if you’re happy about the coming of Ramadan, you might want to share your happiness with others, but also for your loved one. You may give them Ramadan greeting cards, and I’m sure, they’ll be happy to get it from you. Especially, if you make your greeting cards by your own. Here, in this special months I’ll show you how to make a simple Ramadan greeting cards. Enjoy learning 😊

First thing first, you got to download some pictures on the internet which have relation to Holy month of Ramadan such mosque picture, Calligraphy picture, or anything you love. But don’t forget to download for the base/ background as well. Here, I’ll be use these pictures:


Basically, you may make the picture and your background on your own. But, it takes time though that’s why I advise you to download it from Google, it’s easier though. Ok, since now you have the pictures, the first thing that you should do is open the background first and make it a little blurry by click on effect – blur – Gaussian blur


Then you select on File, choose Place Embedded and choose your picture

Screenshot (171)

Now you can place this picture wherever looks good on your background. You may change the size of the picture by pressing CTRL+T . if you’re done, press Enter. Ah here, you can see that the angle or the calligraphy is different, I changed it by clicking on Edit – Transform – Flip Horizontal

Screenshot (175)

Ok, your Ramadan greeting card background is ready. Now, is finishing. We just need to add text to it so it will become Ramadan greeting cards. Press T on your keyboard, and place it to wherever you want to put the text. Then, write your words,


And done, your Ramadan greeting cards is ready. If you want to make your font looks more stunning just like what I did on “Wishing you….” Text, you can add some effect to it like adding shadows, glow, or you can make it textured or embossed. You just have to double click on your text layer. You may change the font as well if you don’t think that your font is good enough. Well, that’s how to create Ramadan Greeting Cards on Photoshop. Check out other tutorial and also design tips and trick on my blog, and don’t forget to hit follow button on my blog to support me. And always keep in mind that “Practices makes perfect”. See you on the next post, Adios fellas and enjoy the Holy month of Ramadan.


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