How to Create Special Custom Brush in Photoshop

Here, I’d like to show you how to make custom brushes of your own. Basically it’s very simple indeed, but I’ll show you how to keep your brushes a little bit special that you can use later to make an amazing photo effect. This tutorial of creating brushes is linked together to the next Photoshop tutorial that I’m about to post later. So please read it carefully and try to practice it.

First thing first, like always. You have to create a new document. But here, make it square, it’s about 1200px*1200px, and then click ok.


Now you select your brush tool by pressing B on your keyboard, it is the simplest and fastest way though. And click on the brushes option, look at my red square. Here I choose oil medium wet flow brushes, but if you want another you can choose whatever you want that you like. But here, I recommend you to use the same as mine.


And you can draw a line on your workplace, it will look like something like this:


But as you can see there is nothing special about this brush, it’s just looks like a common brush. So, here we go. Now you click on the little box besides beside brush option


And then you’ll see a dialog box like this, click on Brush Tip Shape, and make sure the spacing is approximately about 23% or you can make it more or less but don’t too much or too low.


And then you can go to Shape Dynamics, make sure that Size Jitter is about 100%, and Angle Jitter is 100% as well.


Now, make your workplace clean, you can press ctrl+Z. and then draw your brush upon you clear workplace. You can make it bigger or smaller by pressing on bracket keys [  or  ]


It looks fantastic, isn’t it? And now to create a brush like this, you must go to edit and click on Define Brush Preset


And now you can name your brush whatever you want, here I named it tutorial brush, then click Ok.


Now your brush is ready. Easy and simple, isn’t it? Okay don’t forget to follow my blog because in the next post, I’ll write a tutorial about how to make a simple amazing cool portrait using this brush. See you on the next post, adios and merci 😊


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